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Divorce Certificate Apostille

Divorce procedures are one popular category of non-educational certificate apostille. You will use it to demonstrate that you are single and unmarried. One of the most used Apostille services is this one. Apostille stamps are required by foreign authorities to certify a certificate's accuracy and validity.

A Hague Convention nation recognises documents through the apostille process. An official court ruling called a divorce decree ends a marriage legally. Although divorce documents are occasionally required in the territories of Apostille nations, using a divorce certificate without an Apostille stamp is difficult for any of the Hague convention members.

One divorce certificate is typically made dependable and legally permissible in the appropriate field using the apostille process. The MEA department is responsible for providing Apostille attestation, which is generally the responsibility of embassies. Embassy officials will complete each step of the apostille process in this process.

Why do people get a divorce certificate's Apostille?

  • The most common reason for obtaining an apostille for divorce records is to marry a foreign national.
  • One must also demonstrate their status as a single person.

A divorce certificate is a particular document with all the divorce details included. For the reasons mentioned above, just one divorce certificate must be Apostille.

To obtain an Apostille for their divorce decree, the candidate must adhere to precise legal processes defined by the foreign embassy or department of the nation where the bearer of the divorce certificate wishes to travel.

The apostille process differs from nation to nation. The divorce decree's Apostille attests that the couple's marriage was lawfully dissolved and that they are now single. An apostille makes your divorce certificate correct and authentic. Your attestation procedure must adhere to two requirements.

The requirements for apostilling divorce certificates are:

  • An original divorce Certificate.
  • A passport photocopy for the applicant.

The procedures for apostilling divorce certificates are:

  1. SDM-WNR (Sub Divisional Magistrate) (depends on destination countries).
  2. Apostille.

Your divorce decree must be apostilled, which can be a challenging procedure requiring precise and accurate submission of all the documentation. You must therefore be aware of every process involved in getting this divorce document Apostille.

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