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Taiwan Embassy Attestation

Embassy attestation is an essential step in authenticating documents for use in Taiwan. Verifying the legitimacy of various documents issued outside of Taiwan is the responsibility of the Taiwan Embassy. This attestation is required to confirm that the documents adhere to the legal standards established by the Taiwanese government.

A variety of documents, including educational credentials, marriage certificates, birth certificates, business documents, and more, can be attested by the Taiwan Embassy. The attestation's goal is to certify the validity of the documents and their issuance by the appropriate authorities.

The various types of documents required for Taiwan Embassy Attestation are as follows:

Educational Documents:

Degrees, diplomas, transcripts, and certificates granted by educational institutions fall under this category. Certain documents must be authenticated to demonstrate their validity and allow for their usage in Taiwan's educational system.

Non- Educational or Personal documents:

The attestation of personal documents is also necessary for divorce, death, marriage, and birth certificates. It will confirm their legitimacy and provide Taiwanese citizens access to them for usage in personal and legal affairs.

Commercial Documents:

You might need to acquire commercial certificate attestation if you intend to conduct business in Taiwan. These comprise records like contracts, powers of attorney, and commercial invoices. By having these documents attested, you can be sure that Taiwanese authorities will accept and recognize them.

The procedure required for Taiwan Embassy Attestation is as follows:


An authority in the issuing nation must notarize the document after confirmation. It might be a notary public or another authorized representative.

Attestation from Home Department:

The document must be attested by the home department or other appropriate official in the nation of issuance after being notarized. The document must go through this process to be nationally validated.

Attestation by the MEA Ministry of External Affairs:

The document must next be authenticated by the Ministry of External Affairs or a department with a similar name in the issuing nation. This attestation strengthens the document's international usage authenticity.

Taiwan Embassy Attestation:

The document must then be legalized by the Taiwan Embassy or Consulate in the nation of issue. This attestation attests to the document's legitimacy and authorizes its use in Taiwan.

The Taiwan Embassy will carefully review the documents whenever it receives them to ensure their legitimacy. It entails verifying the seal, signature, and other pertinent information. The embassy will start the attestation process if they are pleased with the documents.

The Taiwan Embassy will stamp or seal the documents as part of the attestation procedure to signify that they have been verified and attested. This stamp or seal demonstrates the authenticity of the documents and allows for their legal recognition in Taiwan.

The documents will be returned to the applicants once the attestation is finished. It is significant to note that no original documents are kept on file by the Taiwan Embassy. The attested documents should be stored securely by applicants for future use.

Depending on the number of applications submitted, the Taiwan Embassy attestation procedure may require some time. To prevent any delays in the attestation process, offering the documents well in advance is advised.

The attestation of documents by the Taiwan Embassy is a critical step in certifying them for usage in Taiwan. It guarantees that the documents comply with legal requirements. Applicants can successfully acquire the attestation from the Taiwan Embassy by following the steps and submitting the needed documents.

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