Apostille for Transfer Certificates

Apostille for Transfer Certificates in Chennai

The Apostille is the legal process of certifying and authenticating documents for use in a given jurisdiction. The transfer certificate, which can also be referred to as a leaving certificate or a completion certificate, is a document presented to a student upon completing a course or a program.

For authenticity and legalization of the transfer certificate by the relevant bodies in the home country, the document has to be given an apostille stamp, otherwise, it would not be valid in a foreign country. Besides, it ensures that the certificate carries the fact that other states will recognize it as a valid document, and therefore, its legality is facilitated abroad.

The documents needed for Transfer Certificate Apostille in Chennai are as follows:

  • Original Documents
  • Copy of passport

In Chennai, certificates are issued and apostilled by the Regional Authentication Centre (RAC) or by the Home Department. The procedure consists of different stages, the first one is a verification of the document and authentication of the Apostille mark, stamping the document.

Once the transfer certificate is apostilled, it is broadly valid for its purpose in the country of the apostille and of all other members of the Hague Apostille Convention countries. The apostille sticker represents proof of the genuineness of the document and does not require any more legalization or consular attestation at all.

You should also know that the transfer certificate must be in its original format notarized and with all the necessary seals, stamps, and signatures intact. Any amendments or modifications to the certificate might lead to an invalidation of the apostille, hence making it unacceptable for use.

Finally, the apostille service of the transfer certificate in Chennai is necessary for those persons who wish to deal with their transfer certificate with another country. Through this, the certificate is verified and gives a document validity which helps the applicant to document their academic achievements abroad.

In addition to numerous other apostille and attestation services in different locations, we provide transfer certificate apostille in Chennai. Please contact us for assistance.

Steps for Apostilling Transfer Certificates:

  1. SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate)
  2. Apostille

By doing so, the credential holder can demonstrate their skills, particularly in an academic setting. After receiving an Apostille for the transfer certificate, the documents are now recognised in the destination country.

Transfer certificates must have the Apostille seal stamped on the back to complete the process. The main objective of the transfer certificate Apostille is to satisfy the entry requirements of any country that has ratified the Hague Convention. The admissions process is more straightforward after the confirmed transfer certificate has been filed.

The certificate Apostille, which is a significant mark, attests to the document's authenticity. If you need an apostille completed, you can come to us, and we will meet your demands without creating any legal problems. We have branches both within India and abroad. We are exceptional at offering quick and straightforward service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Processing time for Apostille Attestation of Documents & Certificates services is ideally between 2 to 3 working days. But for certain cases, where the issuing authority of a Document & Certificate is in an inaccessible area, the processing may take up to 30 days.

Apostille Attestation fees are different for each country and state. The reasons for the change in fees are due to various factors like place of issue of the document / certificate. It also depends upon if the certificate holder is looking for standalone service or end to end solution.

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